Senin, 18 April 2011

Internet addiction, Dangerous

The continued development of computer technology in the word of internet media is also growing everywhere. Almost everyone now can enjoy the internet services. But be caraful for users of the internet because the internet has a negative impact that we are not aware of. One negative impact is addicted to the Internet. Internet addiction is caused because:

1. Accustomed to fill spare time with internet

2. Accustomed to associate with the internet everyday life.

3 Many interesting things to offer the internet to its users, which causes users to feel great interacting with the internet even in the long term.

4. The emergence of social networking site Facebook, which has been wordwide, Facebook gives many interesting features in it than we can interact with all people in the word.

5. The need of information and knowledge that can be accessed easily and quickly.

Some of those things was the one who can make a person can not be separated from internet activity, although a single day.When a person interacts with the internet he can forget about anyone or anything. In addition, the Internet also makes great financial expenditure increases, because the internet today can be accessed via mobile phones. As one example currently in the United States has establised a rehebilitation center for people wo are addicted te Internet. So careful is you against the internet, use the internet as well as possible, and do not get used to interact with the internet.


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